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10 Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

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Maintaining a healthy body and physique is equally important for women as it is for men. Men usually prefer weight training to keep them fit and healthy looking, however, women have some reservations pertaining to weight training. They regard it as an activity that may make them look unfeminine in different ways.

Men with low levels testosterone can significantly increase their level by undergoing weight training. However, there is negative impression of weight training among women. As a matter of fact weight training can benefit women in various ways. The lines below give the major reasons why women must undergo weight training.

1. Burn Fat and Gain Muscle:

Different studies prove that women who undergo weight training don’t bulk up. Rather, the women undergoing strength training lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass in the process. The reason why women don’t bulk up as a result of weight training is that women have 20-30% less hormone that cause bulking up compared to men.

2. Fight Obesity:

With strength training women gain muscles. The new muscles increase the metabolic rate resulting in burning of calories. Each muscle gained makes you burn 30-50 calories. Therefore, if women keep on gaining muscle, they keep on burning calories, as a result of which obesity stays to its minimal.

3. Strength:

A study from an authentic institute shows that undergoing weight training increases the strength of women from 30-50%. Extra strength means that women will be able to perform their daily activities with more energy and ease. The strength-building rate is the same in both men and women.

4. Stronger Bones:

Strength training is an excellent way to increase the bone density for women. According to research, weight training increases the spinal bone mineral density by 13% within 6months. Therefore, weight training is an excellent way to keep osteoporosis at bay.

5. Reduces Diabetes Risk:

Adult diabetes is one of the problems, which the men and women of today face equally. As per a research, weight training can increase the utilization of glucose in the body up to 23% within four months.

6. Fight Heart Disease:

Strength training has direct impact on improving the cholesterol profile and blood pressure in the body. Therefore, women by undergoing strength training can fight the causes that lead to heart disease.

7. Fight Arthritis and Back Pain:

A 12-year study showed that strong lower back muscles could eliminate the low-back pain with 80% success. Therefore, if women undergo weight training, in a covert manner they ensure that it will strengthen the joints and ease the pain of arthritis.

8. Increase Athletic Ability:

Women do take part in sport, and no matter whatever sport are you interested in, doing weight training would definitely help you out in that regard and make you more athletic. Therefore, to make name in sport among your circle of friends, weight training would be the point to start with.

9. It Always Works:

Regardless of the age, weight training always works for and benefits women. Moreover, for women in their 30s weight training has proved to be an excellent way of human growth hormone treatment. Therefore, women must never hesitate in undergoing weight training at any age.

10. Mental Health:

Without any doubt, a healthy body has a healthy mind. Therefore, when women are physically fit and strong, it will ultimately affect the way they think of themselves, and result in strong mental health and a confident feeling about themselves.

Bottom Line:

In short, women must come out of this impression that weight training would make them bulky or unfeminine in some way. Rather, the fact is on contrary, and weight training leads to a better, healthier and smarter life for women. Thus, it must be made a part of routine.


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