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Top 5 Exercises to Increase Bicep Size

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When people start to think about building and improving their bodies, one of the key focus areas many people want are the biceps. The fact is that the biceps tend to be very noticeable compared to other muscles. So if you have well developed arms, people would know that you are on top of your workout game.

Most people would like to achieve the maximum bicep size. In order to achieve this, there must be a certain amount of heavy lifting that needs to be prioritized. However, building bicep size is not limited to lifting alone. It is a combination of calories taken, heavy surplus, and enough volume in order to allow the body to lift the heaviest weights possible.

Aside from the regular lat-pulldowns and rows, there are additional exercises that can be done to increase bicep size.xalphasample


One of the five exercises is the incline dumbbell curl. This is an effective way of switching up your workout and add an element of challenge to the workout regimen.

This exercise presents certain obstacles by isolating the upper pectorals, which forces it to work on its own. In addition, due to the inclined position the other muscle groups of the body can no longer help carrying the weight.



In addition to the regular straight rows, the reverse grip bent-over rows add a nice touch to the exercise. This move will add more stress on the biceps muscles compared with straight rows, which is great when aiming to increase biceps size.



Another great addition to any workout are barbell curls. This exercise will overload the biceps muscles with heavy weight which is excellent for strength development. This is mainly because most people are stronger whenever lifting a barbell than dumbbells, so the weight can be increased more.

The main point of focus when doing this exercise is to ensure that movement is not cut short, and that momentum is not the driving force of your exercise.



For the development of deep-tissue muscle, performing cable curls is an excellent choice. With standing biceps cable curls, moments are less stable due to the position and the tension that the cable has. As a result, the muscles that surround the biceps are stretched in order to stabilize when performing the exercise.

When performing this exercise, different attachments can be used including a straight bar, rope, or cable handles that will enable possible workouts with one arm at a time.




The last but not the least, concentration curls are perhaps one of the top exercises to do in order to increase bicep size. This exercise is done sitting down, and limits the level of momentum that can happen during execution.

If done correctly, biceps muscles will be developed properly since other muscles will not be able to help. This exercise is an excellent way to end a workout and fully tire out the biceps.

While it is not recommended to include all of the five exercises in one workout, it is important to mix them up and at least include one or two for variety.xalphasample

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